Dear visitor,

We are a predominatly Germany focused network of various organizations and individuals dedicated to the concept of developing real-estate as commons. Creating sustainable urban and rual communities is an interdisciplinary job. Our members include urban planners, scientists, administrators, other NGO’s as well as socially responsible businesses and of course the projects themselves.

We believe that developing real estate as commons offers unique and long lasting benefits to every community: it provides stable and affordable rents for housing and not-for-profit infrastructure. In addition the pratice of inclusive governance in developement and management of real estate strengthens identity, social cohesion and creates a physical and cultural stronghold for democracy.

Our name „Immovielien“ is a neologism coined to reflect our values. It combines the word for real-estate „Immobilien“ with the word for many „viele“.

What we do:

As a network we aim to better the legal, financial and institutional conditions for developing real-estate as commons. This includes policy changes at the federal, country and local level. We are not affiliated with a paticular party or political organisation. The activities on the network level include:

  • informing about (educational) events in our fields via our webseite, newsletter and social media
  • deseminating exsisting information/material to help new initiatives get started and to keep going, and
  • and setting up a limited number of networking and educational events every year.
  • The network takes the legel form of an independant registered association („Verein“). The association does NOT offer consultation or funding nor does it buy or develope real estate – but we can help to identify the right partners.

    As a not-for-profit NGO we currently lack the ressources to translate the entire webseite. We hope this summery captures the essence of our work and our ambition. If you want to learn more about what we do, become a member of our association or support us financially please contact our team.